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Learn with the best

Aquatic & Emergency Training (AET)

Swimming Teachers Association

Tutor Course


TBA (contact for details)

Kingsbury High School

Tamworth Road




B78 2LF

£450 per person made payable to AET

Payment can me made via paypal on our website

or send a cheque to AET 64 Dexter Way, Birchmoor, Tamworth Staffs, B78 1AZ

Potential extra costs if you do not currently have them

Membership of STA £45

Safeguarding course log onto cost £25

if you require an upto date manual from STA cost £25

For more details or to book on please contact Marg Cawley on 07814547773 or email [email protected]

Course requirements and essential information

Candidates MUST

a) Be 21 years of age or over

b) Be a paid up member of the STA

c) Have passed the STC (F) examination or the STA; Baby & Pre-school, Disabilities; Aquacise; at least 2 years before the date of the Tutors Course (or produce evidence of having passed an equivalent examination approved by the STA)

d) Produce evidence of having taught aquatics at all levels within the discipline

e) Produce evidence of having taught aquatics for at least 200 hours

f) Be in possession of the training manuals for the discipline they are going to tutor:

a) The Teaching Swimming Training Manual

b) The STC(A) Portfolio

c) The STC(C) Portfolio

(available from the STA)

g) Be in possession of the latest version of the Laws of Swimming (available from the ASA)

h) Hold the Safeguarding and Promoting the Welfare of Children certificate or equivalent.

Candidates are required to complete PTLLS assignments as part of their pre-course work, which will be sent out approximately 1 month before the course and will need to be returned at least 10 days before the course begins.

Candidates will be expected to produce the following presentations:

1. 5 minutes micro teach on any subject that involves teaching a skill (own choice)

2. 5 minutes micro teaching on a given topic applicable to their discipline

3. 5 minutes micro teaching on a given topic applicable to their discipline

4. 20 minutes micro teaching on a given topic applicable to their discipline

Whilst on the course candidates will be expected to participate in group tasks and discussions.

They will also be checked on their CPR of Adult and Paediatric

Candidates are allowed to use power point for their presentations, but are advised that they may need to make alterations once they are on the course.

They will also experience other media delivery